Typical Projects:

Brand and Identity

Created a new brand and identity for a 30-year old professional consulting association. Developed and implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that included a website redesign, content development, public relations, advertising, and collateral design.
Success metrics: Increased membership and a higher volume of client leads.

Web Marketing

Development of a multi-site web solution for a leading life sciences software company. Surveyed internal staff and clients to identify requirements and prioritize the feature set. Led team in the design and implementation of an Interwoven based, content-rich, e-commerce website that reached over 20,000 pages in size.
Success metrics: Industry leading website that generates significant revenue.

Management Consulting

Completed a comprehensive, 360-degree review of a high-level functional area critical to the operations of a Silicon Valley technology company. Developed objective survey criteria, then interviewed staff at all levels of the engineering organization, compiled the results, and produced a report for the executive management team. Maintained focus on key elements of good management: leadership, communications, agility, staffing and team development, relationships, task accomplishment, and production. Presented several options for consideration, and made recommendations for remediation of issues.
Success metrics: Provided a throrough objective report to support executive decision-making.

Political Campaign Strategy

Conceived and executed a winning campaign for a political candidate. Formulated platform based on issues and strategy for winning votes. Produced marketing materials and authored campaign speeches. Designed and wrote copy for direct mail, display signage, PR, and communications.
Success measures: Unseated an incumbent and won by a landslide.

Web Strategy

Designed a winning web strategy for a multi-brand company in the staffing/professional services industry using extensive knowledge of the market and flexible technologies. Solution supported three brand-specific websites and enabled the company's field sales organization to remotely publish jobs and local recruitment events. Later, the three sites were consolidated and rebranded with a new look-and-feel.
Success measures: Cost-effective CMS platform, flexible marketing and improved productivity.

Sales Lead Generation

Developed sales process for an innovative design agency. Crafted sales presentations and templates, wrote boilerplate components for proposals, and created a library of materials to be used in sales kits. Configured CRM system and instituted a sales calling procedure.
Success measures: Faster response to RFPs and higher quality sales proposals.

Intranet and Internal Communications

Developed international corporate communications system that included over 140 department and project ares including customer-specific sites and sales management tools. Wrote and delivered internal and external presentations, training classes, and workshop sessions.
Success measures: Consistent, cost-effective international communications.

Market Analysis

Conducted market and industry research to identify significant trends and recommend product development opportunities. Established a business case to support new initiatives. Performed industry wide competitive intelligence, analyzed and consolidated data, and produced executive-level reports. Conducted market analysis including employment, demographic, GIS, and lifestyle studies in order to select prime locations for branch offices and to target marketing efforts to customers and recruits.
Success measures: Rational, cost-effective marketing support for a global merger.