Overwhelming? Not if you have a good plan.

Popular social media channels are numerous and growing every day, which can daunting for a company just getting started. However, services and venues like Facebook, Twitter, and others can be a very cost-effective method of spreading the word about your company.

Like with all marketing channels, the trick is to find your audience, and then adopt a plan for reaching them effectively. That's where Kennedy Consulting Services comes in. We work with you to establish a unique presence for your company, then we help you to put your program to work.

We can:

  • Identify your audience and find out how they communicate.
  • Set up your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and others, and link them together to minimize your effort.
  • Help set up a dashboard for monitoring multiple social media channels at the same time.
  • Coaching on effective techniques, so your staff can do the tweeting.
  • Locating and following your competitors and peers so you can raise the bar.
  • Providing an expert to perform your social media tasks on behalf of your company.